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(AllNewsStories Editorial):- New York, Nov 2, 2018 ( – The ridesharing industry has a new player in the zone in the involving It is areas to take the transportation industry by storm having its fairer, ethical and another efficient business model. 25Cabs.Com has a positive answer for all who thinks ridesharing is dead. The USP of 25Cabs.Com is that it will transform means drivers do business and we intend to also offer extensive options to passengers to tailor their rides according to their need. is a peer-to-peer ridesharing platform with services being accessible globally can be available in every language and every currency. The payment model of group is quite distinct from how it has been in the past. Factor ridesharing brands, does not process payments or take a percentage of drivers earnings. This unique approach actually puts an end to driver exploitation, an extensive loophole in services industry. It is really a very user-friendly platform for this smart age as it effectively utilizes the ridesharing coordination technology and users can effortlessly share reviews online and connect through social media units.

25Cab.Com is extremely beneficial for both drivers and tourists. Drivers willing to join enterprise have the freedom to set individual prices and also accept multiple regarding direct payment. However, they are duty-bound to accept at least one form of non-cash payments. On the other hand, passengers are free to pick from their own driver and can also set driver preferences on software package. They can also rate, review, mark favorite several blacklist drivers according to their personal riding viewpoints.

In terms of safety, rrs extremely promising as the actual company methodically trains each driver, sets their identity proof with all the required ID proofs and also necessary documents. Moreover, the drivers identities are linked every single ride and passenger more assured defense.

‘We are a ridesharing platform that treats people like people. We never sell users’ private information or charge their cards beyond drivers’ subscriptions plans or else a 1-cent validation charge for new operators. Making money through becoming a is simple enough and hassle-free, fat reduction fully guarantee that many driver gets assist his earnings, with zero hidden fees attached. This will be the next generation of ridesharing and have got proud to be its pioneers, said MR Blake Turner, Owner,

New drivers joining up to drive for 8 months for free, while, after that, that's choose one of your available affordable subscription plans which range from $3.99 for a once a year plan to $7.99 for a month-to-month plan. For more and business inquiries, email Also visit

Media Contact
New York City, New York, U.S.A

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